Coach seat conturo

Contouring comfort and freedom to move


Prestige upholstry

with leather applicstions
Other upholstry variations:
Standard, Plus

conturo accessories:
for all seats:
a wide range of top
quality materials and
excellent craftsmanship

The newly developed backline.
deliberately flat design
gives your shoulders and arms 
the ultimate in freedom of 
movement.conturo gives you 
space where you need it!
conturo is the lightweight among
coach seats.With full equipment and 
standard upholstery, conturo weights
in at just 32-34kg per doubleseat 
(depending on the vehicle-specific 
connection system) which could be 
a record in it's class!

For the special trip there are 7" wide, fold-out multi-media monitors available (optional).

Approved with 2-point or 3-point seat belts.