Arondo – a most modern intercity bus seat offering perfect seating comfort.

Arondo with its range of accessories complies with all requirements of a seat of its class. The modular seat design makes maintenance easy and quick. 

Arondo – a focus on colours

The optional Arondo specific hoop-type handle (corner grab handle or security bar) is available in the following colours - some examples here:

Arondo can be equipped with 2- and 3-point safety belts.

Being designed up to the latest passenger security standards and being tested according to current EU-regulations (74/408EWG and 76/115EWG)

Arondo is the first choice for intercity bus service.

* light *
* modular *
* versatile *

A side cover and the optional seat back panel provide best protection for the upholstery parts.

The Arondo seat can be equipped either with a bowtype grab handle on the seat back or with the hoop-type grab handle on the side.